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Originally Posted by George View Post
Thanks for the heads-up on PVDB.

I installed the new release and gave it quick review. Unfortunately I do not see any considerable improvements towards the release I reviewed in the article. The GUI still has a lot of flaws (see image attachment). Still no UPC identification and the web search is generally pointing to Wikipedia presenting a lot of movie unrelated pages.

I do see potential in PVDB but I also feel that it has a lot of room for improvement.
Just offering a few comments on Personal Video Database (PVD)...

Wow, your "Select Movie" dialog is really that badly munged up (with the overlapping, unreadable rows)? Mine doesn't look like that at all. I don't know why yours shows that second column of tiny images, either (all mine shows is the list of matching titles with year of release). Which site are you using for your movie info?

The Web search lets you search on any of several sites, it only points to Wikipedia by default because that happens to be the first one in the list of sites. If you click on the word "Wikipedia" to the right of the Web Search box, you get the complete list of available search sites. If that's not enough for you, you can add your own, or reorder or change any of the prepackaged searches, in the program's preferences. (I suggest going into Preferences and moving IMDB to the top, if that's the one you prefer.)

As far as UPC codes, there is a "Barcode" field available. It's true that the "Add New Movie Master" dialog has no provision for entering a barcode directly... you have to add the movie by other means (i.e. a title search), then edit the record to add the barcode info. If you have any programming skills, you could write a script to lookup a movie by barcode on whatever web site you like for UPC-related searches, then download and extract the movie information (including images) and populate your database fields. (That's the beauty of PVD, you can write scripts or plugins to do just about anything, then share them with other users on the program's website.)

Granted, most users aren't going to be able or willing to go through this much trouble just to be able to lookup movie info by barcode.

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Hi Aimhere,
thank you for the addl. info on PVD, specifically on the scripting option. If you are into that kind of programming it really can help implementing your custom features.
Best regards, George
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Default PVD again

Oh, by the way, PVD allows for the addition of custom fields, which can be any of a number of different datatypes (text, memo, multiselect, checkboxes, etc.). Some people on the PVD user forums add dozens of them. (With reference to the original review, "casing" and "Easter eggs" could easily be added as custom fields. I should point out that there is already a field for "media type".) These will show up on the movie record at the bottom, after all the basic fields. It's possible to make them appear somewhere else on the page, but you have to create a custom skin to do that.

Speaking of skins,you can change the appearance of PVD with them, though the process for doing so requires some technical skill. A few skins are included, though, and others are available for download.


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Some other software for consideration :

Ant Movie Catalog :

Double Feature :

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Griffith seems to be no longer supported. I have found some fixes that independent contributors have made (it was failing to get cast information etc.) but it seems that this software might be on its last legs
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