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Default Which photo editors do you use

Just wondering what photo editing software you posters use? I just downloaded to compare to my beloved Photofiltre (found here, THANKS RITHO! ). I couldn't muster the courage to try the Gimp.
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I am no expert at image editing, nor do I require it much, but just occasionally, I do need to edit some photos, retouch them, resize them, or apply some effects, like my avatar on forum, and for that, I have found some small programs quite useful, and do the job very well.

I have been pretty impressed by Hornil StylePix :

It is quite small, and also portable. Recommended. It's not mentioned in the review anywhere, don't know why, but I might have got it from the comments, or somewhere.

I also like Phoxo :

Not being developed anymore, but Photo! Editor is also good :

It's mentioned in Ritho's review too.

Apart from the above, PhotoFiltre, ArtWeaver, and Lightbox are also quite good, as mentioned in the above review.

These I like from my perspective of easy to use, with good features. Others may like some others, as there is no dearth of good software in this category.

Gimp is also great, but it's a bit too heavy for my use, so I haven't used it.
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I quite like PhotoScape.
I also have and Gimp.

I've used all three on occasions but as I don't tend to edit photos regularly, I forget my way around the more complex editors and have to re-learn them every time I use them to some extent. Therefore, for quick, simple jobs I usually go to PhotoScape first as I find it the most intuitive.
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I need to give StylePix a go if I don't care for P.Net. I once used PhotoScape, though I can't recall much about it. I migrated to Pfiltre and liked it because its tools are easy to grab. I have to admit, I want to have a go at the Gimp, but I've read that it can have a tendency to crash on Windows 7. Don't know if that's true or just pokes from the PShop people.

P.Net's filters and adjustments seem more natural that Pfiltres's, but I don't have to search for ten minutes to figure out how to crop a frame on Pfiltre!
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I usually don't edit images, so FastStone Image Viewer, along with Microsoft Paint is good enough for me.
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I'm a bit late to join this discussion but I hope no one minds.

My own experience is I first installed LightBox which I liked but the free version disabled some tools which I felt I needed.

Next, I installed Photo! Editor but although I was able to open a photo nothing else worked! Upon visiting their forum I found that the latest posts dated about 3 years back - all except one which seemed to be taken over by spammers.

After this I tried PhotoFiltre because it appeared to have more of the tools (like brushes) enabled than LightBox. Other than that I haven't really had the time to learn and experiment with PhotoFiltre.

I have a bunch of very old family photos which I intend to scan and store on my computer (and backup of course). Some of these photos (which are mainly black & white) may be suffering from yellowing, mildew, etc.

So here my question: Which free program would be the best and easiest to use without too great a learning curve? Am I on the right track with selecting PhotoFiltre? (Maybe Kyuzo could answer this?)

Like Kyuzo, I too do not want to try GIMP. To me, it appears to be more learning and effort than I bargain for, and if another program offers the ability to do some simple touch-ups to these old photos I'll be satisfied. Mind you, I may progress to trying GIMP someday, but that would be wayyy in the future.
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OK. So I finally did some dabbling around with PhotoFiltre and I like it.

I'm the sort of guy that checks the help files first, but a quick glance didn't point me in the direction that I wanted.

Next, it was experimenting time, so I copied some photos into another folder for that (Never fool around with your originals without some way of recovering to where you were before). Generally, there is no way to "magically" remove blemishes. Instead, it's a lot of time consuming work with tools like spray paint, smudging, etc., but I've been able to do some reasonable repair work. More dabbling needs to be done though to exploit the full potential of PhotoFiltre. My general impression is it has a lot of potential.

One last observation: It's no wonder the pros advise that you always begin by taking your photo in the best possible way. It can be a real pain to correct what starts out as a bad photo (Just saying... not that that's what happened to me).
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I currently use
Editor :
- Photoscape
Raw editor / converter :
- RawTheraphee
- Lightzone
Image browser :
- XnView
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gimp,, irfanview, xnview mp, FastStone Capture v5.3(latest free version), Microsoft Office Picture manager (free in SharePoint designer 2007,2010) sometimes paint
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Since this thread is a year old it is worth reading the recently updated article Best Free Digital Image Editor because some of the earlier comments no longer apply, e.g. Hornil StylePix is in the list of those that are not not recommended and you can read the reasons why.
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