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Juxxize 18. Oct 2012 11:15 AM


Originally Posted by Jojoyee (Post 72351)
"The report revealed that Facebook users spent more time accessing the social network on smartphones than on computers in March.

Facebook users spent an average of 441 minutes — or 7 hours, 21 minutes — accessing the social network via smartphones during the month. By comparison, users spent 391 minutes — or 6 hours, 31 minutes — checking out Facebook on PCs." - CNN

lol I think this can be explained by the fact people are super nosey ha ha, they need to know what everyone in the world that they know is doing at any given moment. Everyone I know has their phone set to notify via a beep of whatever when they get a message, a wall post , friend requests pretty much any facebook notification THAT WOULD DRIVE ME NUTS needless to say my phone isn't set to do facebook notifications
I suppose it depends what you do on-line , alot of people just spend time surfing and looking at stuff , doing their shopping and what-not .
My phone could never replace my laptop and in fact I'm looking in to buying a tower and even if i had the money I'd probably buy a windows 7 PC rather than a windows 8 because as I said before I think in another post I like to have a mouse in my hand and I don't even like touch-pads. <Just my 2 cent anyway.

Jojo Yee 23. Oct 2012 02:14 AM

PC Shipments Set to Fall in 2012 for the First Time in 11 Years
"The total PC market in 2012 is expected to contract by 1.2 percent to 348.7 million units, down from 352.8 million in 2011... Not since 2001--more than a decade ago--has the worldwide PC industry suffered such a decline."


MidnightCowboy 23. Oct 2012 09:05 AM


Originally Posted by Jojoyee (Post 77418)
"The total PC market in 2012 is expected to contract by 1.2 percent to 348.7 million units, down from 352.8 million in 2011... Not since 2001--more than a decade ago--has the worldwide PC industry suffered such a decline."


I think these figures need to be viewed in context with the global economic situation though. EU car production is down by more than 6% for instance compared with 2011, but that doesn't mean folks are switching to bicycles instead. :D I think given the financial ability, most households would choose to have both technologies, but with mobile units being cool, folks would rather ruin their eyesight staring at one of these if it comes down to a choice between the two. :)

Jojo Yee 23. Oct 2012 10:39 AM

Intel faces tough year as analysts forecast fall in PC sales
"With so much focus on the smartphone market, which is still seeing year-on-year growth of about 50%, the PC business is facing one of its toughest years ever, with analysts forecasting an overall decline in Windows PC sales this year."

"A report this week from the analysts IHS iSuppli says that while the combined market for PCs, smartphones and tablets will almost double over the next four years, Intel's share of the processors used in them will dip from 35% to 29%. So what can Intel do?"

Full story:

Jojo Yee 23. Oct 2012 10:58 AM

When will this happen? :eek::confused::D

"Her goal is to get rid of all of the PCs," Benioff said. "She doesn't see a demand curve from users for PCs." Instead, the CIO is hoping to move to a BYOD (bring-your-own-device) approach, Benioff said. Next-generation mobile devices have "forced CIOs to make changes already," he added. CEO Benioff: Windows 8 will mark 'the end' of the Microsoft OS

Panzer 19. Dec 2012 10:22 AM

ChuckReid87 20. Dec 2012 03:18 AM

Let's not forget about the PC gaming world! There are still many people who enjoy and prefer PC games over console games. This is one area where tablets and the like will probably always lack.

Jojo Yee 03. Jan 2013 02:49 PM

Convergence Or Confusion: Comparing Apple’s And Microsoft’s Approaches To Post-PC
"In a lot of ways, with Windows 8, Microsoft got the jump on what Apple seems intent on doing with OS X and iOS: a convergence of desktop and mobile computing. But the approaches both companies are taking to changing consumer computing habits are very different, and both strategies have their merits and their pitfalls."

"Microsoft’s is definitely the braver strategy; the company must know it’ll make users uncomfortable with a change this significant... and one that should prepare users for the final step of doing away with told paradigm altogether next time around."

"Apple, on the other hand, is slowly making over its desktop experience, in a way that should ease the transition for users, but will ultimately keep desktop and mobile computing as distinct experiences for a lot longer..."

"Ultimately, while I respect the direction Microsoft is taking, Apple’s is the better to retain and grow loyalty as the world transitions from one kind of computing to a new model, the final look of which isn’t at all clear at this point. In fact, Windows 8 may actually help Apple considerably in its own mission, by taking risks and conducting experiments with an extremely large user pool from which OS X engineers can learn a lot. As has often been the case, Apple will watch Microsoft’s attempts to forge the future of hybrid computing experiences and take what it needs to jump ahead down the road. Great artists steal, after all."

Source: Convergence Or Confusion: Comparing Apple’s And Microsoft’s Approaches To Post-PC

Jojo Yee 18. Jan 2013 02:54 PM

Is Microsoft Actually in Third Place in Computing Devices?
"The compute landscape has undergone a dramatic transformation over the last decade with consumers responsible for the massive market realignment. While PCs were the primary Internet connected device in 2000 (139mn shipped that year), today they represent just 29% of all Internet connected devices (1.2bn devices to ship in 2012), while smartphones and tablets comprise 66% of the total."

"Further, although Microsoft was the leading OS provider for compute devices in 2000 at 97% share, today the consumer compute market (1.07bn devices) is led by Android at 42% share… "

"Moreover, Goldman Sachs sees Microsoft remaining in third place through 2016, with only 26% of the market at that time, in contrast to Google’s 39% and Apple’s 29%."


Dedoimedo 18. Jan 2013 08:50 PM

I'm not sure why people bundle Android in the same category as Windows desktop.
Those are two different and largely non-competing segments.

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