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Jojo Yee 12. Feb 2012 02:31 AM

Adobe Kills Mobile Flash
"Mobile Flash will no longer be developed for mobile browsers... Instead Adobe will focus on development around HTML5 technologies, which enable modern browsers to do essentially the same functions as Flash did but without relying on Adobe's proprietary technologies, and which can be implemented across platforms."

Source: Adobe kills mobile Flash, giving Steve Jobs the last laugh

"It's sad that Jobs is no longer with us to see this day. But the truth is that he probably didn't need to see it ?he knew he was right. In his post, he outlined the need for a move towards technologies like HTML5, and now that's exactly where Adobe is heading."

Source: Steve's Last Laugh: Adobe Killing Off Flash For Mobile Devices

See also: Flash to Focus on PC Browsing and Mobile Apps; Adobe to More Aggressively Contribute to HTML5

crank 20. Feb 2012 12:23 PM

The Jobs bit, it's a tad ironic.

leland.w 23. Feb 2012 10:52 PM

However now that Google Chrome is available for Android 4.0 ICS I would have to think the built in Flash support will come with it. The big question is will it make it to older Android devices.


Jojo Yee 01. Jul 2012 11:24 AM

Flash No More Supported on Android 4.1
Adobe stopped developing and testing Flash Player for the latest Android 4.1 according to An Update on Flash Player and Android.

Quotable quote from TC - The Flash Issue Isnít Just About Mobile:

"...the battle has also had an impact on the way that developers think about multi platform web development. Even when not building for 4-inch screen, theyíre increasingly turning to HTML5 to build new user experiences or render interactive applications, rather than writing to be seen in the Flash player.

Video might be the last industry where the Adobe Flash Player continues to have a hold on how content is displayed, but even then, a growing number of sites are moving to HTML5-based video players for delivery. YouTube and Vimeo are leading that charge, displaying their videos in a HTML5 player first, when available, and only falling back to Flash when the player isnít supported."

Hello HTML5, Bye-bye Flash. :eek:

Anupam 02. Jul 2012 05:13 AM


Originally Posted by Jojoyee (Post 73886)
Hello HTML5, Bye-bye Flash. :eek:

Ah! Finally :D

leland.w 05. Jul 2012 04:15 AM

With official distribution stopping on August 15th it seems the end is truly here. However I expect unofficial side loading to continue for some time for those who think they need it. Thankfully HTML5 seems to finally be gaining the steam it needs to kill off the need for Flash.

On another Flash related subject Google Chrome of Android 4.0+ does not come with the built in Flash that the desktop counterpart does. So I guess this means Flash is truly just about done on mobile.


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