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Default I need a free object recognition for my iPhone

We are a very small art biz with about 900 items in stock. We would like to use our iPhones to ID a work of art when it is brought in by a client for consignment. We have been in business for 40 years so it is likely we have already sold a piece just like the client's art work some years ago. It would be great if the program could compare the photo it just took with all our photos on file and return either direct matches or similar matches with their corresponding text file which provides description and historical pricing.

Does anything like this exist and if it isn't exactly free, is it fairly inexpensive? Many, many thanks for thinking about this!
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doubt you'll find one for free :S since you plan on using it for a business and all... free items generally aren't meant for other people to make a profit from

I've seen some apps that do this though but it was created for the items that they wanted, namely the app identifies trees from taking picture of leaves. Google goggle does this as well but for google searches
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Have you thought of using QR codes? Not ideal I understand, but if you're running a business then this could at least be a step in the right direction.
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