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Question Outlook Sync and Android smartphone

Hello everyone,

this may not really belong here but I couldn't seem to find a more suitable category:

How can I synchronize my Outlook 2000 calender with my Android Phone (Desire HD)?

The HTC software that came with the phone does not work at all. Then I found a freeware called "My Phone Explorer" that at least manages to connect to my phone.

After testing all sorts of options and settings I am stranded.

One possibility might be the export of my Outlook calendar to an ics or vcs file to put onto the SD-Card and import it from there.
Unfortunately my Outlook does not offer a "save as *.ics/*.vcs" option.

Any suggestions?

Thanks for your advice in advance

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The way I did this for my wife involved helping her obtain a Google email account and then syncing her Outlook/MSN email to her Google email account.

If you do a Google search for "sync outlook to android phone" you will find a number of links. I believe that I used this one, but I'm not sure:

Moderators: I also PM'ed this information to the poster above, if you feel like this topic does not belong due to the discussion of commercial software (i.e. Outlook).
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