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BuckSkin 25. Jun 2019 07:02 AM

iPad 1 Jailbreak Programs ???
Has anyone here had first hand experience with any of the free iPad jailbreak packages ?

I would never before dreamed that I would want to jailbreak an iPad until I stupidly okayed iTunes to update the kid's 1st Gen iPad and thus lost a lot of the good functionality and gained nothing.
Before, it had v4.2.1; after, it is v 5.1.1 which is as far as a 1st Gen can go; so, I have no prospect of a later version.

Apple refuses to allow an update to be reverted; so, I was hoping a jailbreak would give me back the features I lost.

One thing that I miss the most is that before, I could see and also offload the photos under DCIM in Explorer; now, after the "update", although there are numerous photos in DCIM, Explorer shows DCIM to be empty with 0 bytes.

Any input would be helpful; thanks.

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