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That is a dangerous attitude to take. IMO Google may be being paid to say nothing. Money is important, people's safety isn't.
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Thanks for the replies you lot. Appreciate IO.Hazard reinstalling the app to test it, especially if you suspect it contains malware. Concerning that Play Protect gives no warning, if indeed it does contain malware.

Looking at the app in the store, I don't see mention in the reviews of anything untoward and the app has a 4.5 star rating - not that I was thinking of installing it. My interest was more about how effective Play Protect is and how serious Google are in weeding out dodgy apps in the store. Suppose the only thing to do is wait and see if any of you get a response from them after reporting it.

I've not long been using Android on a daily basis and was extremely dubious about it to be honest, but needs must so here we are, albeit Blackberry Android but whether that makes any difference regarding security remains to be seen.

Play Protect was one of the things that caught my eye while reading up on Android, not a defining factor but still ... reading this thread doesn't exactly fill you with confidence.

Burn-IT ... you just hit a nerve with that last comment
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Your comments are spot on. I went to Play Protect options and even though I enabled the "Scan device for security threats" and "Improve harmful app detection", the app came out clean, confirming what I though: I have no idea how Play Protect works.

Since Virus Total IS a Google company and it says the app in question contains malware based on the results of 11 out of 60 different engines, I thought Play Protect would use those results as basis to flag the app or not. Obviously, that's not the case, although that was the idea back in 2012.

Play Protect is (supposedly) designed to scan and identify bad apps in the Play Store, not from third-party websites that host apps, but there's something weird going on.
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After reporting the app to Google I got a speedy reply from them asking me 3 different questions. Most of the questions had already been answered by yours truly, but I boiled my cabbages twice and sent the reply off. That was on 4th Sept and I haven't heard back from them ever since.

So the question remains: is it malware or a false +ve? Whatever the answer is, Google appears to neither care enough to respond to the reports, and even more importantly, to act upon user findings.
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