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Default A new way to lose your money

"Apple systems are locked down, but you can typically write code to get at NFC, wi-fi and Bluetooth on Android-based devices," he said.

"Prof Woodward added that the threat did not mean people should stop using Android Pay, but rather that all members of the public should remain vigilant against unusual transactions."

Laugh, I nearly cried!

"A spokeswoman for Google was unable to comment."

No surprise there then.
Buy a Hoover and prove technology sucks.
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Not as simple as with Android, but still possible on iPhones
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The whole system was designed to make theft easy in the first place - and the banks and card companies couldn't care a jot because they just blame and charge their customers.

I have specifically written to my card company and bank and told them not to make any payments without an accomanying signature and that I WILL hold them responsible for any such payments, even if I have to take them to court. (With the exception of CNP transactions - and they must be verified)
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