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CASD 24. Jan 2016 09:18 PM

Do we really need all these android apps?
Do we/I really need all those app's.. like for etc.., doesn't the phone come with it from the factory ?
Just wondering..

J_L 25. Jan 2016 03:38 AM

I have all those apps, because I use them at least once a month...

Burn-IT 25. Jan 2016 01:33 PM

., doesn't the phone come with it from the factory ? Not many of the security ones - nor would you want them to if you have any sense.
Well certainly not pre-configured!

CASD 25. Jan 2016 02:39 PM

So the battery extenders..Cleaners..Virus programs really work ?

UserError 25. Jan 2016 04:21 PM

I would say most of those apps are not woth the space and resources they consume. The only thing they do is easing the access to different settings you can change on your own.

Battery extenders are basically gloryfied app killers with some extras that will turn off many of your sensors and connections (Wi-Fi, Mobile data, bluetooth) at a given battery level. This requires the app to run on the background at all times, so it can consume the same ammount of battery it claims to be saving.

Cleaners are on the same road, and they include soooo many extras and 'utilities' that eventually overload the system with funcions you actually don't need or care about, but take a huge chunk of the RAM anyways. Not a good idea on phones with 1GB or less of RAM.

Finally, apps of this kind are generally ad-supported, and can get really annoying: full-screen ads, intrusive pop-ups, 'recommended apps' suggestions every now and then and so on. Most apps send anonymous usage statistics too, and you don't know exactly what kind of data is being sent. Although that option can be disabled, I don't know if it will really stop collecting data about me and my device.

If you want to save some juice, lower your screen brightness and disable the following:
automatic Wi-Fi scanning, location based Wi-Fi activation, the GPS when you don't need it as well as bluetooth and NFC; disable the automatic app updates from the PlayStore. If you're not worried about syncing emails and contacts 24/7 you can disable the auto-sync too.

sicknero 26. Jan 2016 09:01 AM

I don't know about Android but I find my third party battery app on my W8 phone very useful and as far as I can tell it uses little to no battery power itself. It has some neat features such as an audible notification when my phone is fully charged, it tells me the discharge rate so I can see what apps are the worst power consumers, and it provides shortcuts to options that tend to be buried in two or three menus.

Ad supported apps can certainly be annoying, but when I find a good one I'm happy to pay the tiny fee to remove ads and support the devs.

CASD 26. Jan 2016 03:07 PM

Honestly I'm probably going back to my W8.1 phone I found the Moto E very laggy compared to my cheap Blu Win Jr. phone which is very fast...
I just don't bond well with android products...
Which Battery app are you using Sicknero?

Anupam 26. Jan 2016 07:07 PM

Moto E has a quad-core processor, and 1 GB RAM, so it shouldn't be that laggy, unless you have loads of apps installed. What all apps do you have installed?

I agree with post of UserError.

I used to have an antivirus on my old Samsung phone for as much time as I had it, but then on my new Nexus one, I didn't feel the need for it at all. If you have safe browsing habits, and you install apps from Play Store only, you don't need to have an antivirus on your Android phone.

You do not need cleaners too. I do use 1TapCleaner, because it's simple enough, and I use that to clean cache only, and that too for only a few apps that I want, and not in bulk which the app itself suggests. The cache data can amount to quite a lot sometimes depending on the apps and usage, and therefore, I have 1TapCleaner installed. Even then, the app itself redirects to built-in app manager of Android system which in turn is used to clean the cache, so you do not even need a cleaner.

For rest of stuff, I don't use a cleaner. CCleaner for Android is now there, and I installed it to have a look at it, and although I trust the PC version, I wasn't sure about the Android version. I don't use it.

Why would you need a battery app for? Newer versions of Android have built-in battery manager to see which apps are using battery the most.

I use very less apps on my phone, and that too good ones, so I never felt the need to install a battery app.

So, my point, you do not need to install all these apps like antivirus, cleaners or battery, etc. I even disable the pre-installed apps of Google, like Google Music, Movies, etc, for which I have no use at all. I use my own apps for music, movie player, or for photos.

UserError has written good points about conserving battery.
Disable pre-installed apps you do not use.
Disable any services that you do not use, and you will save memory as well as battery.

Android is much better than iPhone, or Windows IMHO. You just need to spend some time with it. Although, that's just my preference, and preference of others may vary.

CASD 26. Jan 2016 07:42 PM

I agree..maybe I'll unload most of this stuff and see if it still hangs as I scroll...

NeoDoug 19. Feb 2016 10:00 PM


Originally Posted by UserError (Post 116361)
I would say most of those apps are not worth the space and resources they consume. The only thing they do is easing the access to different settings you can change on your own.

I agree! In the end, I ended up deleting all of these apps and learning how to do the memory and cleaning tasks myself.

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