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Hail rooting! But I have to say, ever since I saw that ability to disable on Android phones factory installed apps, I felt Android made a huge step forward. Still though, the main reason I root my older devices is to remove/disable apps and maybe services that no matter what, I will not use.

Like a LG G Pad I got just recently from a cousin, that she did not mind me having. She upgraded from 4.4.1 that she had to 5.1 and omg.. the tablet was slow as hell. Lagging, crashing and getting slowly worse and worse. I decided to root and and now the tablet not only is fast and fluid, but I just love it how long the batter can last. It went from once a day to once every handful of days, depending the use.

I never had a Windows phone, but I had both iPhone and Android. iPhone has one great thing. No matter what you see on the app market, as long as it is for your iOS, it will work. If it will not work, soon they will fix it. Obviously that is impossible for Android, with some nay different devices and hardware that exist. Not everyone will be satisfied and people, be it they have a cheap or an expensive android, will complain. But with iPhone I never had that complain... I was complaining about everything else. iPhone is just not a "fun" phone, but it is reliable and robust. I can't believe through what my poor iPhone 4 has went through and still works just fine and the battery is good.. but i will never buy another iPhone, ever.
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