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Default Worst battery life offenders for Android

I just came accross an androidpit article about the apps draining most of your data and battery life.

Unsurprisingly, facebook is included in every single category, along with spotify and instagram. The article itself is brief but insightful, and is based on a very extensive report made by AVG that you can read and download by following this link.

Luckily for me I don't have any of the top-five offenders installed on my phone . How about you?
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I have Facebook on my iPad Mini, don't want it draining the battery of my phone lol.
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I read the article a few days ago, and I too am glad that I do not have the offending apps on my phone.

I did have Facebook on my phone initially, when my phone was new. I soon realized, and noticed, that Facebook was heavy on resources. It used a lot of RAM, was always in memory, even though I was not logged in. Even if I killed the app, it reappeared, and continue to run, no matter how many times I killed it. And on a phone with low amount of RAM, memory matters. I got rid of Facebook, and have never installed it since.

I only access Facebook from computer now. Well, it's good, since it's one less distraction. Whatsapp is good enough for distraction
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