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Default Video through iPhone on old TV looks stretched

Hi All,
I'm using an iPhone 4 and connecting it to an old Hitachi tube tv using an apple composite AV cable. When I try to play an MP4 movie it does not display in widescreen format and looks stretched vertically. When I use my phone to play Netflix or Youtube or other videos it displays in widescreen aspect ratio. Also, when I play other videos from the web the message on my phone says "TV Connected. This video is playing on the TV". There is a picture of a TV and both the text and outline of the TV are white. However when I play an MP4 the image of the TV in the message is outlined in blue.

Also when I switch to regular TV broadcast it displays in widescreen. There is a TV out setting on the iPhone where you can toggle either widescreen on/off or NTSC/PAL. I tried toggling both but no help.

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