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Old 24. Oct 2014, 01:09 AM   #11 (permalink)
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Originally Posted by Anupam View Post
Hehe . You were not feeling any lack in performance with two AVs?
Yes as it turns out
Performance is definitely better now.
Heavy Metal + Lego = . That is all. ^.^
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Added on my Nexus 5:
LostNet NoRoot Firewall
Purple Popup Browser Lite
Smart WiFi Toggler

*I had to edit this post and re-input my original message, because "a censored word was detected".
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Old 27. Oct 2014, 05:54 PM   #13 (permalink)
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Due to disconnections using LostNet Firewall and filters not working in NoRoot Firewall, I switched to Mobiwol and FilterProxy.
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I've only just got a smartphone (been too busy with Windows and latterly Linux - oh and work) and whilst I've gone with Google (Moto G) I'm trying to keep my dealings with the tax-shy, nosy data pirates to a minimum. Clearly one has to have a Google a/c but I will try to minimise what data gets to them. So far on my phone:

Browser - Firefox
Calendar etc - Informant but synced with Google (I used Inf way back when I had an ipaq)
Launcher - Nova
Note taker - Google Keep
Alarm - Timely
File mgr - ES
Maps & nav - trying Syngic and Navfree (tried but failed to install Nokia)
Video - VLC
Audio - Shuttle+
Pdf - Foxit (as it reformats text to let my old eyes read)
Keyboard - Swype

Tips on how to lower my use of Google services would be appreciated. I've still to sort out a password manager - I use KeepassX on my laptop but the Android Keepass uses the v2 file format and Linux doesn't have a stable v2 equivalent. I'm also looking for replacement calls and messaging apps; the stock calls app is not very good as you have to go to a separate People app to make any changes. Also still to find a decent email client; sort of read-only so that my emails will be preserved on my laptop (got to move to imap I know).

Useful thread.

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Old 02. Dec 2014, 06:59 PM   #15 (permalink)
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Here is my personal list of "unbeatable apps under Android' with their short description :

Synchronization with Thunderbird (contacts, agenda, tasks, …)
BirdieSync /com.callicia.birdiesync

Agenda on my Home Screen
Business Calendar / netgenius.bizcal

DropBox Folder synchronization
Dropsync / com.ttxapps.dropsync

File Manager
ES Explorer /

Personnal Notes
Evernote / com.evernote

PDF Reader
Foxit PDF /

Password Manager (synchronized with my Computer thru DropBox)
KeePassDroid /

Epub Read
Mantano Reader Lite /

GPS Car Navigation
OsmAnd / net.osmand

Picture Viewer / Gallery
QuickPic / com.alensw.PicFolder

Alarm Clock for wake up

Audio Player (I've done and I maintain the french translation ;-) )
Smart AudioBook Player / ak.alizandro.smartaudiobookplayer

GPS Sport Tracker
Sports Tracker /

List of Tasks on my Home Screen
Tasks Free / ch.teamtasks.tasks

To count time spent
Timesheet / com.rauscha.apps.timesheet

Price comparison tool while shopping
Unit Price Compare / leoliang.unitpricecompare

To check Wifi signal quality/strenght
Wifi Analyzer / com.farproc.wifi.analyzer

Office Documents reader
WPS Office (Kingsoft Office) / cn.wps.moffice_eng

best regards,
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One of the main advantages of using android is that you can tweak it to match your specific needs and rooting makes it even better. These are the apps I currently have installed:

Launcher: Themer with custom add-ons
Browser: Mercury Browser
File Manager: Simple Explorer (Free at XDA, not available in the PlayStore)
Security: AppDefender
Root: ClockworkMod Superuser
Firewall: Firewall Plus [root]
AdBlock: AdFree [root]
Device Efficiency: Greenify [root]
System Backup: Titanium Backup [root]
Sensor Test: Sensors
Productivity: WPS Office
Calendar & ToDo: apps
Audio Player: Apollo
Camera: Camera MX
Gallery: Cyanogen Gallery
eBook: FB Reader + PDF plugin
Fitness: 7 Minute Workout
GPS: Sat Stat
Navigation: MapFactor
Quick Reminder: Notable

Personally I don't like antivirus app or that kind of things. They consume too much valuable resources.
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Once again, just when I was about to finish typing my new list, I accidentally closed the tab. The inconvenience of TSA quick reply... I'll just list my SuperSU apps then:
AFWall+ ; App Ops ; BusyBox Free ; Clean Master ; Greenify ; Llama ; Lucky Patcher ; StickMount ; X-plore
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