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Default To solve Androidís update woes, Google should look to the PC

Is google et al. listening to this? Or perhaps they've got a better idea.....
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not sure i got it all, did they mean by patch updates?
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Patches are "out-of-sequence" releases to fix errors and vulnerabilities. They are out-of-sequence (i.e. unscheduled) because they are fixes for problems and are not part of development plans.

Here's my understanding of the issues and the proposed solution:

1. Originally Google provided Android updates using their release schedule and allowing OEMs to decide who could get those updates. Patches were only released as part of the development release schedule.

2. Google now allows some applications and features to be updated at any time through:
  • Google Play Services
  • Google Play
3. The problem that now remains is that many patches continue to be bundled with the Android releases. Therefore you many never get the patch you need in a timely manner or at all. The OEM still decides the release schedule to you and decides which equipment or versions of Android will get the release.

The solution:
Instead the article suggests that all patches are provided through a channel accessible by anyone and not at the mercy of OEM decision-making. This is how Windows updates work.
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