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Thumbs up CCleaner for Android

Turns out CCleaner is no longer in beta stage and has been released in the playstore.

It is not as feature-rich as Cleanmaster, but is very fast and lightweight and does what it is supposed to do. IMO, CleanMaster became too heavy, even for mid-range phones like mine.

A good option for people who would like to switch their current cleaning app.
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Thanks for the information.

I would have liked to use CCleaner on my phone, but it turns out that it is not compatible with my Gingerbread phone. That's quite a shame.

I had CleanMaster on my phone, but I felt like it was heavy on my phone, and certain problems were occurring which I felt might be related to CleanMaster, because although CleanMaster showed how much memory other apps were using, but it doesn't show its own usage. And it's running all the time in background I suppose, so it must be using some amount of memory... don't know how to find that out. I think it hides itself well.

I uninstalled CleanMaster, but I am still having random problems on my phone, don't know why... probably because of low RAM... the phone having below 512 MB RAM.

Would have been good if CCleaner was compatible with older versions of Android.
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