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Default CM Security's high demand for RAM

The new version of CM Security is out (v1.3.1) and pretty much confirms what some users reported weeks ago: the RAM requirements are very high. I say 'confirms', because that issue showed up about 4 weeks ago. I had hoped it was just a bug, turns out it wasn't. I have no idea how this could happen, as CM's requirements were so low before these recent versions.

These are the new RAM requirements as I found them:

1 Single background process: 35 to 45 MB
2nd process (update engine): 10 additional MB
3rd process (anti-theft): 25 to 30 addtional MB

Total RAM usage for the 3 processes: 70 to 95 MB of RAM.

I confirmed the above on different Android versions (4.0; 4.1.2; 4.4.2) using different phones from friends and relatives; all of them had similar RAM usage levels.

I see KS Mobile has turned into a new company (Cheetah Mobile), and a lot of changes are being made along the way. However, it is very sad to see how companies ruin great products by making (small?) changes.

Is anyone here using the latest CM Security app? Are the RAM usage levels similar to the ones posted above?

Please, feel free to share your thoughts or any information you may consider relevant.

Thanks in advance!

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I've played around a few times and I have noticed it feel a little laggy when opening up the app drawer ect as it scans everything on execute as well as install. The combination of it with Clean Master uses to much of my ram on my older device and some of the options indicated on the PlayStore for the anti-theft aren't actually in the app. Hopefully it's just an update glitch but I've moved on from it as it was slowing my system down.

P.S. Their back up and browser products are pretty cool though I'd prefer the backup to go to your Google Drive as opposed to their servers.

P.P.S. Malwarebytes has a "Constantly scanning issue" in the latest version but I read somewhere that they are working to resolve it.

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