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Old 30. Mar 2014, 07:57 AM   #1 (permalink)
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Open Official MS Office app for Android now available, but...

Microsoft has finally launched the official MS Office for Android under the name "Microsoft Office Mobile".

This app was around for some time, but the full features were available only for 365 subscribers. Now it looks like they have decided to launch the app for free, although it will work only on phones, not tablets (at least for the time being).

After spending some time with it, I can say the app is very limited and the edition tools are not as complete as the ones other free apps such as QuickOffice and Kingsoft Office offer, which is weird, especially if we consider that this app comes from the guys at Redmond themselves. The file compatibility is a hit or miss; some documents open fine, but others are unreadable.

Anyway, the app is there for you to try in case you want to (who knows, maybe you like it or find it useful). Just consider that the app is not a small one. It is a 27 MB download and requires Android 4.0 and up to run.


Feel free to share your experiences.
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A good subject IO.Hazard.

They also launched a free version for the iPhone:

After a trial run, I note that it works with OneDrive with no local files support. But then one can always turn to the web version of OneDrive to download it to his mobile device. Or can we expect the future versions of Office Mobile should also support local files?

Office Mobile for Android or the iPhone allows you to create, edit and save documents to OneDrive for home use. But the iPad versions only support for viewing, no editing is allowed unless with an Office 365 subscription

Microsoft Word for iPad
Microsoft Excel for iPad
Microsoft PowerPoint for iPad
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Old 30. Mar 2014, 11:35 PM   #3 (permalink)
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Oops, I completely forgot about the online thing, Jojo Yee. Thanks for bringing it to my attention.

Yes, Mobile Office for Android needs an active Microsoft account to work and is limited to files stored in the cloud. Not my cup of tea, though, because l strongly believe that local storage will always be far superior because of its convenience, immediate access and privacy. This online scheme could work in an enterprise environment, but I'm no so sure about the rest.

Because of this "only online" limitation, I sincerely think this app does not have much to do in a world with great and 100% free office apps even though it included functions such as Word, Excel and Power Point. If you have a lot of documents stored in the cloud and you need to do some basic editing, even Drive will perform better, but hey, that's just my opinion... as I wrote earlier, maybe someone likes Office Mobile best and decides to keep it installed.

Let's see if Microsoft adds something interesting in the tablet version, provided they plan to release one, that is.
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I see it as MS crippling it so it doesn't compete with their Win8 surface tablets for "office" work... but they offer it so they can say they did...

I prefer the other stated options or even google docs if I wanted cloud storage. Sorry MS but I don't use crippled-ware
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