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Default email to android

Is there a way of getting Outlook mail sent to my Android phone?

If this is not clear, then:

1 I currently get 99% of my mail through my local ISP to my MS Outlook. If I turn the Outlook off, I can get the mail using the ISP's webmail service, which is clumsy and antiquated - looks like something out of the 90s!

2 I would like a situation where, like Gmail, I get the mail simultaneously to my Outlook (on my desktop) and also to my Android phone.

Is this possible, or is it a pipe dream?

Thanks in advance!

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Originally Posted by Richard Steinitz View Post
Is there a way of getting Outlook mail sent to my Android phone?
Try the default Email app on your Android phone, Richard. I've been reading emails sent to my Outlook account on my Android phone. The emails are accessible either from my Outlook at the desktop or from the Email app on my Android. Both are synced.

To set up your outlook account using the Email app, you'll need to enter Domain\Username, password, and mail server correctly. Check with your server administrator if you can't set it up successfully.
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