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Default iPad Security

Are mobile devices such as iPad susceptible to virus while surfing on the internet? And if so how can your tell if your mobile device has been infected.
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One simple word: NO.

Apple's iOS is a very closed system. The iPad, the iPhone and the iPod are unlikely to get infected by malware unless you have a jailbroken device (which, BTW, is declared illegal in some countries such as the US and the UK).

However, there are some exploits that can be used to defeat the system's security but they are very rare and get patched as quickly as possible.
It is very difficult to diagnose if your device has been infected because iOS malware is officially, at least, non-existent.

If you feel like your device is acting weird (apps crash constantly or if doing basic stuff is taking ages) but you're still 100% sure you didn't try to hack into it and you didn't installed unofficial apps, you can try contacting Apple for support if your device is still covered by the warranty, otherwise it will be very expensive to repair.

Hope this helps.
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