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The integration with Google's products was already there in the previous versions of Android too. For example, on my Gingerbread phone, Google Search, Google Maps, Play Store, Gmail, YouTube, and now Hangouts, are always on. I don't use Google Search app, nor Maps, or Hangouts. I don't use the YouTube app rarely too. But these remain on anyways, and take up memory. Even if you kill Google Search, it again comes back. Same with Maps and YouTube. These take up precious memory, and that too unnecessarily. OK, Play Store might be required to be on, to check for updates to apps.. and so does Gmail for checking mail. But what about the rest. They don't require to be on always.

With this version now, it's clear that Google will integrate their products more and more intrusively and also aggressively. Not even in Android, this is evident in other Google products on the web too. They are being aggressive in products promotion. Like integration of Google+ with YouTube comments. They are closing good services of theirs for unknown reasons... like Reader, and iGoogle... and these were being used by a lot of people.

Yes, unfortunately, Samsung's own OS will be like this too. I have no hopes from it. In fact, I think that if Samsung decide to go for their own OS instead of Android, they might be doomed even.

Firefox OS looks hopeful, because Mozilla have been a great non-profit organization, and have proven it.

But, I am really skeptical about other OS.. in sense that can they give enough competition to Android? Maybe... if people get tired of aggressive marketing of Google's own products and the intrusiveness and stuffing of things down the throat. But again, the other OS will have to be good enough to take the market away from Android. With the kind of hold that Android has taken over the market, this will be difficult.

I agree with J_L on the point that Android will still be lucrative, because it remains free and open source, and people can always use custom ROMs, and get rid of the Google intrusiveness. And some people do like Google's integration of products.. for example, the review you linked to above. The author actually liked the integration of calendar and all. Not my cup of tea though.

Apart from the good thing of making the Android OS leaner, this version is just about integration of Google products more into Android.
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This is a really good discussion alot of interesting points.
1st of all Anupam we are singing from the same song sheet, I want my phone contacts in my phone contacts list for me to sms or call them and I want my instant messager contacts ( what-ever instant messager app you may use , in my case I use Facebook messager ) in my messager app separate from eachother because for me they do a different job .
When I downloaded Facebook for android I choose not to import my Facebook contacts into my phone contacts it just takes up internal memory and confuses me what's what, best to keep them separate .
Like you said it's a phone 1st social hub and all them other things 2nd , on my tablet it wouldn't matter because I don't use that as a phone I use it to surf , watch videos read news and instant message etc. but on my phone it would be a major pain in the bum. The though of my private sms being shared to Google plus fills me with horror, who would want that ?? maybe young people but still I'd hate it.
As long as there are choices like that, rooting, and custom ROMs
as JL said yes you can root and get rid of Hangouts that's what I did when I got the update from Playstore but a lot of people don't want to root and they shouldn't have to to just have a normal working phone , they should beable to send texts without having a awful Google + account. Google are shoving this Google + down peoples throats like there is no tomorrow along with the YouTube/Google + fiasco, they are making people hate it .
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A few years ago, I started as a great admirer and promoter of google and their innovative ideas, but all the forced integration other members of this forum already mentioned have been turning me away from all google things.

Many of their apps are still in my phone, but I never use any of them. I closed all gmail accounts, except the one used to register with GooglePlay (cannot be removed), but also stopped using it and found other better alternatives, with servers located in safer locations.

I prefer open-source apps (with the code checked for back-doors) and I get them mostly from instead of GooglePlay. Installing their .apk files is easy and safe.

On top of that, I installed a firewall ("NoRoot Firewall") and blocked all google services from connecting to the internet.

If google gets nastier, we should root our phones and get rid of all their applications once and for all. And, if by that time we already have a good alternative OS, I'll get rid of Android as well.
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