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eyeb 12. Sep 2013 08:35 PM

Mobile OS --> PC OS instead of PC --> mobile
With iphone's announced 64-bit processor... anyone else think that phones can realistically (in the future) run PC software/games? I know Microsoft is trying to make Windows "more" mobile like with Metro UI (what is it called now again? :D)

But why not expect it to shift the other way and watch Apple/Microsoft's sink of money into making their PC/laptop more mobile OS like become a push against the trend.

I can "almost" see Android doing well with this. It wouldn't be a far stretch to integrate Android and Ubuntu (or another linux) into an OS. Something like a computer that makes calls? Android/Windows phone already has "office" suites, tabbed browsers, games. What separates them from PC/laptops is screen size. I'm waiting for the day I can run "real" Windows OS (not windows phone) on a phone.

I've dual booted my phone/tablet into ubuntu for a computer OS. While they worked, the processors didn't handle it well but why not expect this to go away?

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J_L 13. Sep 2013 12:23 AM

The main issue, other than hardware requirements, is actually the CPU architecture. You can't simply run x86 games on an ARM machine.

Although ARM Linux (like Ubuntu) is available, they still have to port the packages and other components to support ARM. The only "mobile OS" that can readily run PC software/games right now is Windows 8.

Doobie 17. Sep 2013 04:57 AM

ARM CPUs already have enough horsepower to run Windows OS and Windows games. But, as J L points out, compatibility is the problem.

Also, "64-bit" is basically meaningless, per se.

Remah 17. Sep 2013 10:19 AM

Yeah, meaningless for smartphones which don't yet need the large address space and meaningless for the vast majority of games which aren't 64-bit.

For those who want to know more see what Microsoft says about 64-bit systems in the real world

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