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v.laurie 11. Sep 2013 07:24 PM

Guess who makes a lot of money from Android?
Because it has a formidable legal arm and a lot of patents (dubious IMO) Microsoft has been suing or threatening to sue a lot of companies. Rather than face Microsoft lawyers with billions of dollars to spend in never-ending law suits, most companies have caved and agreed to pay Microsoft royalties. As a result Microsoft has money rolling in on Android sales.:eek: It is a glaring example of the irrationality of US patent law. Article here

Doobie 11. Sep 2013 08:52 PM

Google bought Motorola for patent protection. Not that I'm crying for Google, but the courts have been dealing Google heavy blows in ruling that Motorola patents are practically worthless. Meanwhile, MS and Apple collect $billions for trivial of patents. And, even when it's deemed that Apple is in violation of Samsung patents, the Obama administration steps in and gives Apple protection.

In any case, irrational patent law is costing consumers $billions of dollars in inflated prices for mobile electronics. MS and Apple are the two biggest bandits.

Remah 11. Sep 2013 09:28 PM

I laughed when I read the closing paragraph:

That said, Kesarios warns Microsoft and friends to not get too greedy. "If Microsoft wants to play it smart, it must play dumb. Even if it has the financial and legal muscle to milk the Android space even more, it must avoid doing so, because chances are that the market will not stand for it."
What will "the market" do? Switch to iOS or Windows phones? The patents are primarily for smartphone hardware and software rather than Android specifically so any successful smartphone OS will have the same issues. I expect that Microsoft could milk it a lot more without making a lot of difference to what we, "the market", do. The price-performance ratio keeps improving faster than any Microsoft freeloading.

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