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Default Article says Android better than iOS

Here is a detailed article where the author gives his case for why Android is better than iOS.
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Vic, Enjoyed reading that. Thanks for the link.
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I was able to get a Android smart phone, Root it, Partition the SD card and use Link2SD to free up enough space to run many many apps and games within a week. To be fair I never dealt with the iOS platform and I'm sure its quality but my experience with Linux made it a no brainer to go with Android.
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iOS is fated to shrivel up. I'm happy for competition, but, the PC market has proven that an OS is a natural monopoly, and that the monopoly goes to the hardware agnostic OS. We also know this by the current mobile OS trend.
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It's odd, I love android for different reasons. Namely I like to tweak :S I don't care to be tied to the phone so notifications/Google Now (how he uses it for the card updates), I could care less for. I'll look up what I want, not when the phone thinks I want it. If I'm not responsible enough to be on time to a meeting and plan ahead for traffic, I doubt a phone would make the meeting successful even if I do get there on time.
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I use both android and iOS. Just find iOS more slick to use…so tend to use that more often than android.

Though I will admit using android on a 20 inch tv (also used on a tablet) can be fun.
(Though I dare say iOS would be too ..if that was an option.)

In reading the article I wondered if we were really comparing operating systems or apps. I tend to use apps or software available across multi platforms if poss. (Cuts down on required learning.)
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Obvious articles are obvious. iOS 7 looks to me like a rip-off of Android 4.x ...

We have always been shameless about stealing great ideas.
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When I was at the store, I was making up my mind between an ipad mini and my current tablet, which is an iconia. I have to admit the price factor was one of the reasons that helped to choose the android tablet instead of the apple one, but there were some others like bigger screen, better looks - hey, it is a matter of personal taste - but I had no idea about the way android worked. Even though the first week with my new tablet was a bit tricky, I managed to know more about it as the days passed by and now I can say i love it. There are a lot of free and high-quality apps you can install that will turn your tablet into different gadgets. One final reason I'm loving android is because it helps me to break the 'girls prefer ipad because they are so dumb' and wherever I go, friends see me round with my android tab and they've told me that's cool 'for a girl' which doesn't bother me as I learned a lot during this time and I am sure I will continue to do so.
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