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Resolved [Android] A smart battery-saving app (for devices with ICS & up)

Qualcomm (the chip manufacturer) has launched the final version of BatteryGuru, an app that learns your everyday usage and "calibrates" the battery accordingly. All you have to do is to install the app and let it run in the background for about 2-4 days, so it learns your behavior to tune the battery according to your preferences. IMO, this is a much better approach than the one which bases battery-saving on automatic task-killing and scheduled mobile data switching.

I used this app for some time while it was on BETA. Luckily, this final (release) version has got rid of the bugs from the previous BETA version and has become "smarter".

You must have a Snapdragon-powered device with Android 4.0 or up to use it.

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Sounds quite nice but unfortunately none of my devices have this processor. Still I will point my Android using friends to this app. Thanks.

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Looks good , but I've never had much luck with battery-saving app, the last one I used put my tablet to sleep every ten seconds and I couldn't un-install I had to un-install it in ten second stages , so I avoid them after that lol )
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