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wdhpr 21. Apr 2013 09:55 PM


Originally Posted by IO.Hazard
In the event that the back-up process doesn't work, there is nothing to worry about. The worst thing that could happen is the process to be halted and OrangeBackup saying "Backup error, aborting". No changes will be made to your phone.

After attempting first backup I get: unknown error code 132 Hmmmm this should be simple but I'm hitting some snags. After installing OrangeBackup I found no option for this

When prompted, leave the "Brand" space blank and select Samsung Galaxy S Plus as your phone model. That did the trick for me.
I must be doing something wrong, darn if I know what it is :(

IO.Hazard 22. Apr 2013 10:46 PM


Originally Posted by wdhpr (Post 86524)
I must be doing something wrong, darn if I know what it is :(

Don't worry wdhpr. This kind of things happen all the time, everywhere and on any OS. There's no One-size-fits-all solution. At least you had the guts to try. :cool:

There are several ways to install CWM on unsupported devices though they are not the most straightforward. As soon as I find (and confirm) any of those will work on your device I'll let you know.

wdhpr 22. Apr 2013 11:16 PM

Thanks IO.Hazard
I gave it a good try and I'm not defeated just delayed. Even though Android is based on Linux its a whole different animal. I think it's due the miniaturization as well as the growing number of the types of phones and hardware. If you think about it, Linux on PC's has had a long time to mature and has worked out allot of issues. I'm certain the kinks will work themselves out, until then I will be content with a cell phone with some really cool games :D

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