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Default Smartphones on the verge of taking over the world

Interesting findings:

1. The average smartphone has 41 apps, and each day more new mobile devices are activated than there are children born into the world.

2. The data also highlights that the apps market might be reaching saturation point - there is simply too much choice. The combined number of apps available on the US versions of Apple's and Google's apps marketplaces is more than 1.5 million, and of the 750,000 in the Apple App Store alone, some 60% (450,000) have never been downloaded once. And, of those titles that consumers do try, one in four apps will be abandoned after its first use.

3. Gaming has become the single most popular activity over the past 12 months, accounting for 43% of usage, followed by social networking (26%).

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I will agree about too many apps being there in the Google Play store. It becomes really difficult to look for apps. Also, there are just so many choices in a particular category, it's just insane. While choices are good, but when it becomes too much, it's a problem.

Also, Google Play store is a bit unorganized. There are just broad categories, and no sub-categories, which enable you to look for particular kind of apps. Like, if I want to look for music player apps, there is no sub-category for that. I will have to search for
"music player" in order to search for those apps, and in that too, many apps are shown, which should not have turned up in that search.

Further, the ratings are not a reliable source of information, and it's not a guarantee that a high rated app will necessarily be of a good quality. Although for popular apps, the ratings are a good indication, but not so for not-so-popular apps.

Because of such vast amount of choices, the good apps suffer, which deserve a chance to be in limelight, but they don't, because they probably don't get noticed enough.
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My experience is that finding things on Google Play is very hit or miss. There have been times when I knew that a specific app was there somewhere but I couldn't find it without a lot of hassle.
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Totally agree guys, too many apps and no good searching function, considering play store is run by Google you'd think the search features would be better . In the case of apps, less is more I'd rather have less apps but better apps ( if you know what I mean ) also with the limited space on most android devices a user can only have a certain number of apps on their phone at any one given time anyway.
Another point that I find interesting is the gaming increase , I love gaming on my xbox but I just can't get into it on my android tablet and I wouldn't even try to play a game on my phone.
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