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Default Android Malware

Two newly-discovered Android apps found on Google Play were designed to spy on their users, claim security experts at Kaspersky. The apps, SuperClean and DroidCleaner, posed as innocuous Android clean-up utilities; however, each app could quietly copy photos, contacts and other information to a remote server...
The malicious apps have since been removed from the Google Play market.
Source: TECHSPOT - Android malware steals data, records audio via PC microphone

p.s. Thanks Panzer for the link.
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Such instances will increase more. Even in the legitimate apps, there are problems with permissions. Some apps require permissions for which they do not have any need.

Recently, WhatsApp, which is quite a popular app for messaging, is under controversy, because it stores the contact list of the user on its servers. It will require permission to scan the contacts, because it checks for other WhatsApp users via the phone numbers, but it should not be storing the whole contact list on the servers, which is considered illegal.
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