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systemcrash 22. Oct 2012 10:06 PM

Rooting android phone
Im considering rooting my samsung s3 although im not completely sure on the idea. There arnt that many default apps on the phone to consider as bloatware, and the ones that are installed but unused i have just put into a folder -out of site out of mind- So im not convinced on the idea of rooting the phone, I know i will get more access to the phones system and folders, but do i really need access to them? im doing fine without them at the moment....

Has anyone here rooted there phone? would like to know what kind of things other people have done with there rooted devices, it may convince me to go ahead with it.
Im also aware that rooting the phone will void my warranty however i came across this site So im thinking if i did root the phone if something ever went wrong with it i could follow this to Un-Root the phone so that the people inspecting the phone would be none the wiser that it was rooted so not void the warranty.

kendall.a 22. Oct 2012 10:22 PM

We had this discussion (or one very similar to it) only a couple weeks ago. I'd like to suggest that you do a quick forum search and read what's already been written on this topic.

systemcrash 23. Oct 2012 11:18 PM

thanks for the tip, for some reason i keep on forgetting about the search part in the forum.

I have decided to go ahead with the rooting of my samsung S3 not to sure what the Roms are or how to choose the best one for my phone. And i need to find a good tutorial about how to do it safely. I would also like to know what are the best free apps for a rooted device.

guess im gonna have to do some research

IO.Hazard 24. Oct 2012 03:34 AM


Originally Posted by systemcrash (Post 77447)
(...) not to sure what the Roms are or how to choose the best one for my phone. And i need to find a good tutorial about how to do it safely. I would also like to know what are the best free apps for a rooted device.

guess im gonna have to do some research

ROMs are customized Android versions made by third parties. Sometimes a ROM can be made from scratch based on official Android code (like the famous CyanogenMOD) or it can simply be a "tweaked" stock ROM extracted from a determined device. Tweaked ROMs are also called "MODs" and they work only with specific phone models.

You can find a great and comprehensive SGS3 rooting guide at XDA Developers by following this link:

It covers the different SGS3 versions. Read it carefully and you'll succeed.

The best apps I can think of for a Rooted device are:

1. Titanium Backup (for app, call & SMS back up, bloatware removal, force move apps to SD).
2. ROM toolbox (provides an advanced and hassle-free system tweaking).
3. ROM Manager (If you want to install custom ROMs).
4. No Frills CPU control (Save some battery by teaching the CPU to change its behavior according to the task).
5. Avast! Mobile Security (This is an obvious one... :P).
6. ES File Explorer (A great file manager for rooted phones).
7. Notification Toggle (Use your notification tray to launch apps, switch your WiFi, etc. on/off, shutdown your phone, and more).

All of them are free (1,2 and 3 have a paid version, but the free version capabilities are more than enough).

Happy rooting :D

systemcrash 25. Oct 2012 12:23 AM

Thanks for the link, im trying to find a good rom as a starting point, Iv looked at Hawkish Premium and Cyanogen Mod not to sure which to choose. With so many of choices it hard to choose.

It's unlikely but would there be a comparison chart about showing the different mods and tweaks?

IO.Hazard 25. Oct 2012 03:49 AM

Best MODs for SGS3

Originally Posted by systemcrash (Post 77464)
It's unlikely but would there be a comparison chart about showing the different mods and tweaks?

There's no comparison chart that I'm aware of (but it is a great idea). I think the main reason for this is, as you said, because there are so many MODs as well as SGS3 variants out there, therefore creating a comprehensive chart comparing each one (including the specific model they work on) would be... well, let's say a big effort.

Anyway, I think this "Best ROMS for SGS3" guide from our friends at DroidViews could help you.

Just remember that in the Android MOD world, as with food, it's all a matter of taste. :D

Anupam 25. Oct 2012 07:48 AM

systemcrash, I believe you have recently bought your Samsung Galaxy SIII. It must be a fairly new phone. Also, SIII is quite a good phone in itself.

So, I would like to know why are you wanting to root the phone already? Also, why do you want to go for a custom ROM already... have you explored your phone enough?

Are there any features of the phone which you want improvements in... or, any other particular improvement you want in the stock ROM, because of which you are going for a custom ROM?

Or, are you just doing this, because it's all out there, and doing for the fun of it?

Because from what you wrote in your post, it does not seem that you feel there is much need to root the phone. There are not many apps that you would want to uninstall.

Also, SIII being quite a superb phone, one would not think that already you are facing problems with it, because of which you want to go for a custom ROM.

I am just trying to understand why you want to root your new phone, and go for a custom ROM, without any particular need, and spending only a few days on it... also running the risk of bricking your phone, and also risking getting the warranty void.

If you still want to go through, I will advise you to be careful, and properly research for the whole process... there is lot of material available on the internet. Research properly. I would also like to advise you, in case you don't know, that you should also backup your stock ROM before you install any custom ROM on your phone, so that in case you are not satisfied, or in case of problems, you can just install the stock ROM back. I don't remember the name of the app, but IO.Hazard will tell you about the app which backs up the stock ROM, and other things.

systemcrash 25. Oct 2012 08:01 PM

@ Anupam To be honest it my curiosity started with having improved battery power, thats why i asked what where the other benefits. The phone itself i don't have a problem with, its response time is fine. I have heard a lot of positives about a rooted phone, so it just took my interest. Although in i must say i thought that to access the root i thought a custom rom was part of the process. That it was a type of custom firmware needed to access all the root files. But after looking further into the Rom's i did see the stock rom mentioned.

I always seem to want to try and improve things, not sure why...

Anupam 25. Oct 2012 09:04 PM

For rooting the phone, you do not need to have a custom ROM. You can root a phone, but not install a custom ROM. Custom ROMs may make some improvements in the phone's capabilities, or enhance some features, but on the other hand, with some custom ROMs, some features might not work properly too. But yea, if you like to play around with things, then it would be fun to experiment with custom ROMs.

In order to install a custom ROM though, you need to root the phone. Rooting is a pre-requirement for it.

Rooting basically makes you an administrator of the phone, and opens up the special powers for the administrators, like uninstalling of pre-installed apps, access to the system files, etc.

So yea, if you are curious about it all, as I thought, then go for rooting.

Still, I will again advise as to read on the whole process, so you know what will be the best way to root your phone, and what are the pitfalls, what exactly are the advantages, etc. There maybe more than one way to root a phone for a particular model, so research well, in order to avoid bricking the phone.

systemcrash 25. Oct 2012 11:40 PM

Since a Rom is not required to root the phone im considering avoiding that part since there is no really any need for it since im happy with how my phone performs. So il just stick to Rooting it.
Just for clarification, would rooting pose a risk to bricking it, or is that only likely to happen when using a custom rom?

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