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Default French hacker spreading a virus via smartphone apps

"A 20-year-old hacker has been arrested in northern France for spreading a virus via smartphone "apps" that defrauded thousands of victims.

Prosecutors say he stole tiny sums from 17,000 people, amassing about 500,000 euros (405,000) since 2011."

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"The hacker had never studied computer science but is described by prosecutors as extremely smart."

"He reportedly told them he was motivated not by greed, but rather a love of computers and an ambition to be a software developer."

I like this guy

Thanks JJ for this nice article
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I guess this is the "mobile" version of the historic scam whereby a few cents were deducted from thousands of bank accounts to net the criminals behind it a lot of money. Wherever there is an opportunity though, someone will take it.
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I think he should be aknowledged/awarded and given a job in a top company instead of jailing him. Atleast those customers actually learnt a lesson!
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