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Default SkyDrive?

I was just wondering if anybody has tried the skydrive app for android?

How is it?
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seems to work fine... but it's from microsoft :S lol, personal bias but I'll stick with dropbox or google drive.

something rubs me the wrong way when MS windows phone doesn't support google products as well as google supporting MS products. So I just support google when I'm using their product.
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I tried it for a short time but it used much needed memory on my phone ( it's not that it used alot but I don't have alot spare ) The app seemed fine I had no problems with it , I just went back to using Dropbox because I hadn't see the point of having both dropbox and skydrive on my phone plus dropbox automatically uploads my phone photos to dropbox when it has a wi-fi connection ( you can set it to do it on data aswell if you want) .
Also dropbox gave me extra storage for using their app ( which was a nice surprise)
I love Gizmos, it is my bible
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