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Just an update. A new editor has taken over the category for BF Antivirus App for Android, and he has updated the review, and added some important changes with the latest versions of the apps. Do read it.
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As Anupam has said (he is a great guy), I'm the new editor for the "Best Freeware AV App for Android". I'll be updating the current reviews with the latest changes/updates and then I'll add the reviews for the new apps after proper testing.

In the meantime, feel free to post your questions, suggestions and critics. They will be duly noted.

Don't forget to enjoy this great site!

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Hazard, I was able to briefly skim your reviews, but I was at work so I couldn't read it all. Can you tell me briefly why you prefer Avast over Lookout? Which one takes up more RAM and/or battery power? (I've been using Lookout for the better part of 4-5 years and it's never failed me.)
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Hi kendall.

Both Avast! and Lookout have great antivirus engines and a similar battery consumption but they are somewhat demanding on older phones with small batteries. Lookout eats more RAM than Avast! though. (About 5 MB higher than Avast!).

The main reason why I prefer Avast! over Lookout is that you can do so much more to protect your phone but with less RAM usage and without paying for extra features. Avast!'s Anti-Theft and its full set of Protection Shields (Web, SMS, Application) are hard to beat (so far) and I cannot understand why Lookout hasn't included them yet (in fact, it has some of these features, but you have to pay for them ).

Anyway, if you don't need any of those extra features and you narrow down your needs to the protection against viruses and PUPs, there's no big difference between these two guys. You'll do just fine with any of them.
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