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garydavid711 03. Jun 2009 11:59 AM

Is mac a viable option to vista?
IS MAC A VIABLE OPTION TO VISTA? I have always stood up for Microsoft but they started turning me off with SP3--Now Vista? What say you?

wdhpr 04. Jun 2009 09:56 PM

Ever thought of trying Linux?

Check out the linux thread.

Everything I have seen about Mac on the internet has been far from positive. From what I have seen, Linux has a far bigger following then Mac.


Stork 01. May 2010 06:54 PM

I use VMware Fusion to run XP on several of my Macs. Works fine for what I use it for. I also run Ubanto favor of Linux under Fusion.

Check out the various forums (there's lots) for Windoze on Macs. I'd Google "running Vista on a Mac". Here's two sites to check out:

There's gobs of Mac users giving their two cents on various sites. Check out and, too.

Let us know what you found out.

Symphony 02. May 2010 01:54 PM

Short answer: yes, Mac is a viable alternative to Vista.

Longer answer: but ask yourself what you do, what programs you love, and what you do with a computer before switching to a Mac (unless you want a Mac to do dual boots or run Vista using VMWare etc.)...some programs only run in Windows, and some programs only run in Mac.

From my experience, the Mac programs are really well written, the Mac is VERY stable and it's a joy to use.
However, there are a lot more Windows programs, and some may be very useful to you (to the point you can't do without them).

(FYI: I use a Mac at home for mail/fun, Windows for programming and web development and Windows at work. I used to run Ubuntu as my primary OS as well - also a viable alertnative...but a steeper learning curve.)

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