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Default Results/Issue after following "Optimizing Transmission Bittorrent Client" article

Hi there. Thanks so much for hosting and writing this incredible resource. Happily, I just stumbled upon you and have spent much of the last 24 hours digesting your many incredible pieces of information.

Unhappily, I have been trying to figure out issues with my Transmission and uTorrent installations on my new mac Mini running Snow Leopard (osX 10.6.2) because i get really, radically inconsistent and sometimes just plain stalled results from one, the other, or sometimes both.

I religiously followed every step published in your articles on optimizing (Transmission, uTorrent), including checking port forwarding (i had already done that), initiating static ip addresses for all the computers on my network (new for me), rechecking and troubleshooting same until all results (network access success, port forward success) were reliable and consistent.

Problem is, although everything is now set and configured and etcetera up the wazoo, I am unable now to download ANYTHING using either transmission or uTorrent. When before one or the other or both were working - not optimally, but working.

There does not appear to be anything I can do to start transmission's existing torrents downloading. I had the same trouble with uTorrent all last night, however it appears that while I was sleeping the 8 stalled torrents that were pending last night all started and completed and were happily sitting at "done seeding" when i woke up.

I can't figure out what I'm doing wrong.

ok the nitty gritty:

My latest speed test result:
upload: 673.3 kBytes/second
download: 2104.5 kBytes/second results before: fail results after: success

it should be noted that also before i did anything my port smilies in transmission and utorrent were both green (even though canyouseeme listed them as failed) and that now after they are still green.

in Tranmission, I have toggled the settings from 80% upload and 0 download limitts to 80% upload and unchecked download limits but either one does nothing. un-checking both sets of limits does not have any impact on the stalled nature of all my torrents. starting a new torrent also has no impact.

i'm using the mac beta of utorrent, and while utorrent is my client of choice (across all platforms), the beta currently does not have functionaltiy that i want/deem critical which transmission does provide. namely, the ability to identify an incomplete folder and a folder location for only completed torrents. If i could get Transmission to work AT ALL i would be settled, for now, and wouldn't deem it necessary to troubleshoot the utorrent installation.

Thanks for any help you can offer!
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The fact that the uTorrent completed the torrents while you were sleeping leads me to believe there is some ISP interference.

Who is your Internet Service Provider?

As to the download settings for Transmission, I would have to see a screen shot of the section where you set limits. I believe it may have changed since I last saw a screenshot (I can not install as I use Windows).
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