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West Swan 28. Feb 2018 06:08 AM

.mpg clipper

I have some home Videos converted from VHS to DVD.

I've then used a great freeware program called DVDVob2MPG (I think it is only for Windows) to get high quality .mpg files

They are for my brother in law who has a Macbook with the latest OS. I've already set them to him via DropBox.

Just wondering what the best freeware is that can clip out sections of each .mpg file without encoding so he can save what is hours of footage of different occasions into smaller sized files.

I use a program called MPEG-VCR to do it in Windows but there doesn't appear to be a Mac Version.



Anupam 28. Feb 2018 06:39 AM

You can try these:



Both have MAC versions.

West Swan 28. Feb 2018 10:12 AM

Great thanks Anupam.

I have let him know of your suggestions.



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