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Default Why do we do these things? Debian on my phone

There isn't any particular reason why I blew a couple of days obsessing with making this work, it is actually fairly straight forward as these things go [hee hee, I only wanted to kill my self 4 or 5 times, not too bad in this sort of thing for me] I guess the geek was running strongly through my veins.

The Android app Linux Installer does it's thing by installing using chroot [Android is linux], seems really clever but I then I really don't have a clue. You can pick from Ubuntu or Debian, somewhat older versions, and there is a limited range of installable stuff, but not horribly limited. And you can install as many systems as you want, I actually have both but the Ubuntu install needs help and at the moment i am too geeked out to fiddle it more. Funny thing, from my limited experience so far, is that I'm more likely to crash the phone doing droidy things than linuxy things. I think I need help, are there any 1100-step programs for this?

you must be joking, oh man you must be joking
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