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debtboy 26. May 2009 06:34 PM

Software Download Sites (Linux)
Everyone can find Linux Distributions at sites like

but how about Linux open source add-ons, 3rd party apps, etc... :confused:

Thousands are available at sites like
and (Projects by Tag -> Linux)

Typically available as packages or even source (which can be compiled on any distro). :cool:

littlefuzzy 12. Jun 2009 08:28 PM

There's quite a few links to free software programs/web sites at:

The individual site info section has links to the developer/distributor site and most include instructions on how to compile/install.

A good site for someone setting up ubuntu 9.04 for the first time is:

Is a pretty long step by step guide with links to the software sites. ATTN: when using this guide don't install "Sopcast Internet TV" or splashy-themes, use the synaptic package manager for those. if any kind of installation problem with this guide open synaptic package manager and just remove the broken packages.

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