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Default Fax Software for Linux

Has anyone successfully faxed documents from within Linux Mint/Ubuntu? I have an all-in-one HP printer that works great. I have HPLIP, Simple Scan and Efax with its gtk front end installed. From what I have read I will need to convert the document to a PDF format which is easy enough.
It all seems simple other than it doesn't work
This is one of the last things I need to be able to do from Linux so I don't have to boot to Windoze.
Suggestions welcomed

PS Yes I have a fax modem installed and connected to the phone line

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Hi , If you have a fax modem connected to the phone all that is required is openoffice or libre office . I use openoffice , just type up what you want to fax and select print then choose your fax modem which should show up under printers . Hope hat helps
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The only response from LinuxQuestions
Originally Posted by byranl
make sure you install hplip-gui. That should get you an icon on the toolbar that you can use to right click and get the HP Device Manager. I believe the command line executable is hp-toolbox.

In the HP Device Manager or hp-toolbox, select the actions tab. If you have the fax setup and your all-in-one online, you should see a 'send fax' icon. Run that and you'll first decide whether to send a cover page, then add PDF files to fax, then select the destination fax, and then send.

It appears that 11.10 has a problem with some HP all-in-ones as the 'sudo hp-setup' routine doesn't enable the fax on some, like my 1522. This sort of regression seems to be too common a frustration to me but that is another topic. See and

I still miss the old OS/2 plus PMfax days. Efax or Hylafax with a fax modem attached to the machine can get close but the ease of setup and integration with the printing system just isn't quite as nice. Fortunately, the need to send or manage facsimile documents is almost gone these days.
Although I was aware of free online Fax services I found them lacking unless you pay for their premium services. They appear to have gotten better since last time I tried but they still have their limits. Due to my limited needs I can get by without fax software.
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