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Thumbs up I like it!

Ubuntu 11.10 is the first Linux distro and version I tried. I got so over windows - I could turn on my computer, go make coffee, have a shower and come back and it would have finally finished booting. Ick. And all the messing about I had to do to keep it running even moderately quickly. Weekly defrags, registry cleaning, file cleaning and even that didn't get rid of all the crap left over whenever it installed "security updates". I have to keep it around because I have a couple of apps based on .net framework 4, so I had to have dual boot. I picked Ubuntu because 1.) It seemed pretty simple to install, even with a dual boot with windows and 2.) The community forum was outstanding and I knew I'd need the help at some point.

What a breath of fresh air! My favourite free apps were either installed with the system or are available in the software center, so I didn't have to learn many new apps. The things I didn't like were easy enough to fix - I made the launchpad static and reduced the size of its icons. FireFox kept launching into full screen instead of the size it was the last time I closed it, but someone on the forum had a fix for me within a half-hour of posting the question.

My teenage daughter, a virus-magnet, is now using it for everything except playing Skyrim. She loves it so much she's pestering me to figure out how to use Wine to run Skyrim so she can toast Vista. She had got that ramnit virus and went through two Facebook accounts before I was able to eradicate it so she was ready for something that was more secure.

I found Unity to be intuitive and easy to use. I see a lot of complaints about it on the forum, but I can easily do what I need to do and even using the terminal and making some little bash scripts is familiar from back when DOS ruled. And, best of all, there are no more outbursts of frustrated screaming from my daughter's room.
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Thanks for that Eodril, I might be tempted to give 11.10 a try with Cinnamon desktop: from Linux Mint.
I'm not keen on the Unity desktop so at the moment I'm still with Ubuntu 10.04.3.
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I decided to take the plunge and installed Ubuntu 11.10. I had it configured as a dual boot alongside XP.

I could launch FF, LibreOffice and play some music. The OS recognised m wi-fi straight out-of-the-box; a good start I thought.

However, Unity is a complete pig and I found it completely frustrating and counter intuitive. My previous encounters with Ubuntu were much more fruitful thanks to Gnome.

As Ubuntu had got rid of my original MBR and made itself the default OS, when booting up, I decided to overwrite the partition with an image of my Windows system. I also repaired the MBR and am now happily back with XP and all ts glorious functionality!!

Cinnamon sounds like a much better alternative to Unity, which for me, was as useful as a chocolate teapot!!!!
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I gave Ubuntu 11.10 a test drive based on Dedoimedo's glowing review. I got it close to what I consider a normal desktop. Unfortunately my experience was less than glowing. I grew tired of getting past all of the so-called 'Improvements' I went back to Kubuntu and was pleasantly surprised with the improvements to KDE. I however had to contend with a few bugs with Kubuntu but was able get past them.
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Some interesting stats here about the decline of Ubuntu since Unity. Even more interesting is that Mint users also seem to be wavering since the latest release.

IMO this seems a lot to do with devs designing stuff for other devs. Maybe the result is more this or more that to them, but MC and I'm sure a lot of others still like to have some easy options for folder icons and window borders. I tried some of the "fixes" for Ubuntu 11.10 using a live CD and they were time consuming, not newbie friendly and only partially successful.

At least one developer (Pinguy) has recognized where this is going and done something about it (re: Pinguy 11.10 Beta).

"I am very doubtful that there will be another release of the 11.10. Until Shell can work without 3D acceleration I am not happy calling this a stable product. Some work on this is being done over at Fedora so this will be possible soon but not just yet. I donít feel Gnome 3.2 is mature enough to be called a stable product and thats why Pinguy OS 11.10 will stay as a beta release".

I have Pinguy 11.04 x64 installed on this machine along with Windows 7 and it's rock solid, even with Compiz turned on, Emerald installed, sensors enabled, Cairo dock all lit up, and spinning cubes. The only error I see is for a windows list applet failure at every boot, but it still starts and functions normally anyway so long as I choose not to delete it.

For something this good I would suggest finding the release schedule button and just switching it off. 6months is a joke and even at a year, this is still way out of sync with what Windows has managed to exist with since the birth of the Sinclair Z88.
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The vast majority of people migrated to Linux from Windows and its desktop. I would guess that was why Mint Julia was so popular. I assume people found comfort working with a Distro that was familiar to them. When Unity and Gnome 3 came out, it may of been a case of where the developers were so close to the problem that they just didn't see it. Odds are they will wake up and smell the coffee and the sooner the better. If they want to develop operating systems for Tablets and the like 'great' but develop it separately from the 'classic' version. It maybe better to reprogram an OS for a specific type of device than to program the millions of people that have to use with a classic desktop PC.

Make me wonder how the masses will react to Win 8.

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