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Well , I was able to log in this time using Firefox. Did not do anything different.
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Well , I have tried MEPIS , Ubuntu 9.04 , and Kubuntu 9.04 and I don't like any of them. Infact , I don't like Linux at all. I was really curious about it because I had heard all the raves coming from mostly techno-geeks or those persons who want to see Microsoft's monopoly broken.. I decided to try it. Well , I don't care for this. It has a long, long way to go. Windows isn't perfect by a long shot , but it makes Linux look like the dark ages to me. I deleted all my Linux links and all the Linux messageboards , and destroyed all my LIVE CDs. I have made my decision. I will keep good old Windows. Warts and all.

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Thank you for reporting so honestly on your experience, which more-or-less mirrored mine. Linux does have its place, but I don't think it's on the average users desktop unless financial issues are paramount. Most users want to buy a well-priced, complete PC in a supermarket, and have it work straight-out-of-the-box when they plug-it in just like their TV. A perfectly normal commercial aspiration which the market nowadays pretty-well provides.
lets the music play the band ...

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Hey Jillian - Good on you for having a go!! Trust me when I say, your thoughts on Linux are shared by many (including myself) does indeed have a long, long way to go. Peter put it more succinctly than I ever could.
At least you have tried Linux and can now offer an honest opinion based on your experiences.

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Default Maybe its just not the right time

Just to chime in.

Linux I believe is a process. It has to improve to become a viable option for most people. I do not believe I am a techie, although I have a functional linux OS on my computer. I like Jillian, almost ran away form linux as though it was the plague. I decided to stick with it because I enjoy the challenge. I also understand why people give up on linux. Its a frustrating process.
I do however praise those for at least giving it a try. As a advocate for linux I know this only helps the linux community understand what needs to be done to make the linux platform a viable option for users.
My motivation to support linux is mostly based on my belief that it will give those around the world with limited resources a chance to experience and learn the power of computers. A chance to learn a skill which can help them improve their quality of life. (I know it sounds a bit touchy feely).
It also it serves to give microsoft a boot in their complacent rears

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Thanks wdhpr , but I did not run away from it lol. I simply did not like the thing and made my choice of Windows after trying three different distros. And as peter said , most people want a computer that works right out of the box , and most people , includes me. I for one , don't like to have to add on and on and on. I want the major things already there when I plug it in. I just have absolutely no patience with such and would rather spend my time more constructively . But , again , as peter said , Linux does indeed have its place. But I say , not on my computer. And , thank you Jim and I did make my choice based on my preferences after giving Linux a try. Before , I could not honestly compare it to Windows , but now I have made my choice; and to each his own thing that makes him/her happy.

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