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MidnightCowboy 14. May 2011 03:32 PM

Best Option to Dual Boot with Windows?
I guess Ubuntu has this laid out on a plate and maybe Mint too (Gnome) although I've never tried it. What about the KDE options though? Maybe others can suggest some alternatives but I've now followed these videos twice for myself and various times for others who were using using either XP, Vista or Windows 7 and never once has there been an issue.

I prefer to change the default boot loader settings to keep Windows first but otherwise it's pretty much a sail through job :)

eyeb 14. May 2011 04:14 PM

i liked the wubi installer for dual boot. I know it isn't the traditional partition and dual boot but it works well for me. I dont use ubuntu full time though. And the speed i lose from it not doing the partition thing isnt very much.

The other option I use is using a persistant USB boot. So when I want it, I just plug usb in. I've had failed attempts at using windows bootloader in past so these 2 methods allows me to avoid it.

MidnightCowboy 14. May 2011 08:05 PM

Now that dual booting has become easier (and more successful :D) I really do think this is the way to go for folks who are concerned about how they might get on with it.

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