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Jeff91 26. Mar 2011 08:32 AM

Bodhi Linux
For any that care to take a peek - After four months of development Bodhi Linux finally has reached a "stable" release. Full release announcement here.

~Jeff Hoogland

wdhpr 03. Jun 2011 08:08 AM


Originally Posted by MidnightCowboy (Post 53839)
It might be an idea to post about this here so that Jeff can get to see it more easily.

Because of the "quiet" forum yesterday :D I too installed Bodhi (fully) and so far no issues although I haven't got round to looking at codecs yet. I did install VLC, so if I get time later I'll run through my files to see what it doesn't play and then go from there.

I have to say I'm mightily impressed with how Bodhi has moved on since the early release. Even Linux newbies can manage this. So long as their needs are "average" they can install their own program mix with just a couple of clicks and there's always Synaptic for the rest. The theme pack is awesome and can't get over how configurable everything is :)

So far in general use for one day and not a single bad issue.

I know Jeff is a busy guy so if he's no longer monitoring us here, I'll forward any issues to him directly and point him to the above thread.

As far as Bodhi for newbies.......
I think we may have to agree to disagree. I don't think a newbie would have a good experience trying Bodhi as their first Linux OS. (My opinion only)

By the way its not a hit on Bodhi its just one mans humble opinion.:)

wdhpr 03. Jun 2011 08:41 AM

From the virtual Box thread
I said this

Have been running Bodhi for two days now in VB. I had a major issues with installing the codecs.
When installing the non-free codecs during the install of the MS fonts as it gets to the EULA part of it where you scroll down to the <OK> part. It freezes and I get a fatal error pop-up with no way to recover resulting in breaking the install. Just to make sure I uninstalled Bodhi and tried again from scratch. When I got to installing the codecs for the second time it happened again.

I also had a problem with my graphics but I couldn't rule out VB as being the cause.


PS: My computer uses a NVIDIA graphics card.
I kept getting hung up at the same spot during the non-free codec install.
Maybe a problem on my end either way just trying to help :)


MidnightCowboy 03. Jun 2011 11:06 AM

1 Attachment(s)
This is where I'm at with the Bodhi bling - time permitting will take a look at codecs later on.

Found one issue with Shutter which returns an error for whatever type of screenshot you attempt but Pinta is working 100% for this and other graphics stuff.

Attachment 974

My earlier comment about being suitable for newbies was aimed soley at those who want to connect, surf, listen to music, watch videos, store pictures, do email and write a few docs. I guess this covers quite a lot and including the install I'm sure they would find obtaining the necessary programs as easy as I did.

MidnightCowboy 03. Jun 2011 12:37 PM

Well, maybe I don't have such sophisticated needs as some, but all my movies and videos play straight off with VLC. Streaming radio was stuttery with VLC but downloading SMPlayer fixed that - perfect.

Theres some great icon sets as well as themes and these all work too. Does require two GUI settings and a couple of copy/pastes into a terminal for each change, but the tutorial is dead easy to follow.

Firetray works with Thunderbird so the Linux burden of trying to get your new mail notifications to work is also not a problem with Bodhi.

I've set up both Opera and Firefox 4 with my usual stuff and everything works. Opera announced an upgrade to a newer version and that went through without a hitch too.

Deluge is also working straight off, needing only the usual preference settings.

Although Bodhi is equipped with IPTables, I Installed Firestarter which I prefer over GUFW because it shows more easily what is going on. Tested at GRC and everything is stealthed apart from acknowledging pings. This can be configured easily enough into IPTables if required but "so what, I'm here, whatcha gonna to do about it?" :D

MidnightCowboy 03. Jun 2011 02:49 PM

Hit my first major problem now but it's quite possibly self inflicted. I've mailed Jeff who will no doubt we wishing I was still using Mandriva :D

I was looking at the "Places" gadget but when I enabled it, it filled the bottom of my screen with volume icons which wasn't what I wanted. I was messing with the gadget settings and couldn't find any way of changing this (all the volume icons opened OK) so I deleted the gadget. After that, my home folder does not open from the main start menu. Re-enabling the places gadget works but then clicking the icons now doesn't open the volumes. Typing "pcmanfm" in to a terminal does open the home folder and I can then access all of the contents. Seems somehow I have messed up the link to this from the main menu :(

MidnightCowboy 03. Jun 2011 02:59 PM

Fixed it (LOL) by creating a custom link in the iBar to "pcmanfm", run in terminal. Doubtless this isn't the right way and maybe once Jeff gets up off the floor he'll come back and tell me how :D

MidnightCowboy 03. Jun 2011 05:56 PM

Thanks to an email response from Jeff, I now know that somewhere I lost the "pcmanfm" setting underneath the "use custom file manager" option. Once reinstated everything is working fine again although I think I'll keep my new home icon too.

wdhpr 03. Jun 2011 09:35 PM

I gave up on installing the codecs. Instead I wanted try the truly unique aspects of Bodhi and that is its ability to customize the desktop from top to bottom and everything in between. I really wanted to like this about Bodhi and I literally spent hours until somewhere in the AM hours at which point I was threatened with great bodily harm if I didn't get off the computer. My problem and I emphasize my there are too many buttons and switches for my liking. Looks just don't mean as much to me as functionality. I truly think Bodhi has the potential to shake up the bloated Linux community, its just that I'm not ready for a Distro like this. Others will most certainly love it.


MidnightCowboy 04. Jun 2011 08:56 AM

I guess such a level of customization must naturally come with more buttons although I personally found Bodhi easier to manage in this respect then when I first moved from Ubuntu to a KDE distro.
That said there are definitely a few things that could maybe change including the need to hit an "add" button for something you've already clicked on and then "apply" and "close". I think though we should also bear in mind (and this is even stated on the website) that E17 is still in heavy development itself, this on top of the natural evolution of Bodhi.

The fact that Bodhi has marched 30 places up the Distrowatch page rankings in the past few months demonstrates the recognition it is now receiving. Yesterday a regular visitor to our house who knows I've been using Mandriva commented on the new desktop look and truly believed it was KDE. Had something like the Thunderbird window been open at this time of course then it's obvious that the bling is not to the same standard. Even so, Bodhi has worked since I plugged it in, recognized both my connection methods out of the box and has none of the sound and flash issues so often complained about in other forums. Folks on slow connections won't appreciate the time it takes to download their program "kit" but I only have 1M and even including LibreOffice this didn't take too long at all.

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