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Default Interesting Article about Malware/AV and Linux

Very interesting, but long, article about Sophos, Linux, and malware/Anti-virus software.
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Great article

I love this guy, and his writing style. Supposedly at some point he's going to contribute here and I look forward to the day.

These comments in particular were worth the space alone

"In 2010, 134 people were injured by toilet seats in USA only! Holy banana! Does this mean toilet seats are dangerous? Or perhaps, there are people out there, who frankly, should not have joined the global genetic pool in the first place?"

"In short, you do not need anti-virus software on your Linux box, period. For that matter, you do not need anti-virus software on your Windows box, either. Yes, read that twice so it can sink in"
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Yeah its tool long but its quite interesting.But What i think isthat linux is virus free operating sysytem but windows XP require antivirus.
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