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Default File recovery using the ext3 file system

I decided to start a thread on this subject because I thinks its important especially to those making the switch to Linux. I suggested a utility for a undelete utility for Linux on the Best Free software for Linux thread. At the time I didn't expect the can of worms I was opening. It appears recovering deleted files on a ext 3 & 4 file systems is not a easy thing to do. FAT16 & 32 file systems are much easier. TestDisk & PhotoRec 6.11.3 Are the only free utilities I could find for such a task. Photorec which comes bundled with test disk seems to have good reviews. Dottech's Ashraf seems to think highly of it although his review is for its use with Windows.

However when I dig a little deeper I found various discussions that describe the process is allot more complicated for example this exchange from and this article
by Carlo Wood I know they are over 3 years old but I am having a hard time finding recent information. I will post this question on which I have found them to be a friendly site and I will post the replies back here.

I am using ext3 because its supposed to be better than ext4. Both ext3 & 4 are supposed to be the file system to carry Linux into the future.
I haven't really explored file recovery with fat and ext2 file systems. But If I can't find a reasonable way to recover deleted files on my current ext3 format I may go back to fat32


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I found a live cd thats seems to be promising its called CAINE (Computer Aided INvestigative Environment)

Responses so far from
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