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I'm using Peppermint and like it well enough. Please note that this is my first ever Linux distro, so I'm certainly not an expert. I've been considering moving to Mint.
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Originally Posted by systemcrash View Post
there are a few out there any advice other then Zorin?
You could have a look at Lubuntu "lubuntu is a faster, more lightweight and energy saving variant of Ubuntu using LXDE, the Lightweight X11 Desktop Environment."

or Madbox "Madbox Linux is a distribution based on Ubuntu with Openbox as window manager.Base: Ubuntu maverick 10.10"

or Xubuntu, which is Ubuntu with XFCE desktop

or Linux Mint fluxbox (needs 256 MB of ram) based on Ubuntu 10.04

Hope these are of interest?

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Originally Posted by bibzgi View Post
Hi systemcrash,

I switched to a linux OS the day before yesterday.

Before that, my OS was Microsoft-based for years and years.

I backed up all my important files via cloud backup beforehand.

I took the plunge into unfamiliar territory and I am delighted that I did.
We are always glad to hear of another adopter of the ultimate freeware. If you should run into trouble, let us know, we are glad to help.
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Originally Posted by bibzgi View Post
3. Whereas the program guts of a MS OS is found via Desktop>Computer>C:>Windows, the program guts of Ubuntu is Places>Computer>File System
"File System" is the root directory (/) of your Ubuntu system partition, something like C:/ in your Windows system.

Here is a list of Interesting directories and their contents, useful to take a glance as they normally show up under the root directory (or "File System") in the Nautilus file manager.
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i had to install windows again... Slightly dissapointed. I installedzorin and it kept on freezing and installed ubuntu but i didnt have the ram in the computer and it want up to it performance wise, so since i ran out of disks to burn to i have reinstalled winXP and will try again when i buy more disks. When i get my laptop in the beginning of te year il try out a couple of linux version that were sugested in a virtual box then put it on this old machine. The main reason i want to put a linux version on this computer is so when i give it to family i dont have to do regular maintenance on it.
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