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Default Mageia to ship with LibreOffice

With so many forks and clones around already you would wonder at the logic of releasing yet another one. The Mageia fork from Mandriva however has been simmering for some time amid concerns about the long term stability of the Mandriva main distro. Whatever the final outcome might be for Mandriva, the Mageia fork is now a reality and the first of something physical is due to be released next month.

In amongst the many changes proposed by the Mageia team, adopting LibreOffice will be a major one for a lot of folks.

KDE/Gnome arguments apart, I still feel that Mandriva has a real edge in desktop presentation and it will be interesting to see how much of this Mageia will retain or if they'll seek to create a new identity from day one.

The assembled team certainly looks capable of producing the goods so let's just hope they can deliver in a format worthy of the original inspiration
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