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Default New Life For Old Hardware

Dusted off an ancient AMD-K5-256 megs of ram, it lives!

Last two OS's were Windows 95 and Red Hat 7.2

Very surprised with this, and quite happy, if you have some old pc/laptop what have you to lose but a little time.
Used a CD-RW to burn it to, still have it for other things not even a CD-R wasted.

Think Green
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Thanks for this. Just what my old PC needs. It has P-III. I had installed Mint Linux on it earlier, but it was still very slow in operation. I may try this one out. Although I won't be using Linux a lot, but still I like to play .
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To start with: Zewalk (Xfce), Salix fluxbox beta 1, AntiX base (fluxbox too), tinyme (LXDE), Paldo
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