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Default Linux on a Netbook?

Is it possible to get Linux on a premade netbook? If so how hard would it be? I'm looking to get Linux on my Acer Aspire One netbook that currently runs Windows XP Home Edition. Any help is greatly appreciated!
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Assuming you want to run Ubuntu the following link will answer your questions:
(Mx16 + Cx1 + Lx2) + (Tx5 + Nx2 + Bx33)
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There's a Ubuntu Netbook Edition you might want to try out.

See also:

Easy Way to Install Ubuntu - from within Windows
The Definitive Dual Booting Guide
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Not hard at all, some distros specifically made for netbooks are much easier to use than Windows imo.
Examples include Jolicloud, MeeGo (Moblin), Ubuntu Netbook Edition, etc.
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I have done that very thing with my Aspire One. It came with Windows and I decided to move over to Linux. I tried a lot of different Linux distros on the Aspire and I found I like Peppermint Linux the best. (It is basically an optimized version of Ubuntu, and runs smoother on my model that Ubuntu Netbook Remix)

Peppermint boots really fast, but you might want to put a "instant" boot companion linux on there too. xPud works really well, full boots in about six seconds, and you can be on the Internet in ten seconds. Then if you need the power of your full OS a simple click will load you into Peppermint or whatever main OS you use. This of course will work with Windows as well. Another almost instant booting linux that looks pretty slick (which J.L. already mentioned) is moblin, or meego -- same distro really meego is newer and contains support for smart phones and such.
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i like xpud/puppy linux as well, but both run off the ram... so if you don't have a lot of ram they'll still be a bit slow. still good for booting to check web fast though or to play a movie
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