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Originally Posted by Jojoyee View Post
uhhh, that has been more than a year ago since 9.04. Time flies.
In fact a year is a lifetime for many distros and the Ubuntu network manager issues (with broadband modems) are better now but still not fixed completely.I hasten to add that the one I have (Sony MD300) is the worst affected. Shortly after I opened my Claro account they switched to supplying Huawei modems instead and these are not affected. At the time I elected not to change mine because a) I'd have had to pay and b) the Sony offers a facility to swap to EDGE if the HSDPA signal drops (which here is often due to system overload, poor maintenance, mountains and low cloud etc) and the Huawei does not.This does enable me to stay connected for longer to a service which is abysmal anyway whereas folks using the Huawei need to wait for the high speed service to be restored.
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