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I'm still very much in love with desktop Linux despite my TSA Linux support role and mostly using x64 Windows 7 Ultimate.

I find the phrase 'familiarity breeds contempt' a very interesting one. Depending on how you approach it, it can mean many things. A twist on its' meaning came up for me yesterday and certainly made me stop and think.

My dear sister is head of Human Resources for a very large UK firm. She has decided to setup on her own and will initially need a laptop. I had a chat with her, hoping to save her some money, but got the 'Microsoft, Microsoft, blah, blah, bit.' And I'm the one with a 1st in computer science and over twenty years experience. Proof again, if it were needed, that money talks

Before I get bashed, I know we shouldn't use people as experiments, it was just being in the family....

Anyway, hope springs eternal, if things work out for her, and I'm sure they will, she will want little bro to do a web site for her. There won't be anything MS in site (sic)

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Originally Posted by freedog96150 View Post
I can see why people like UE. Everything, including WINE to run all your windows apps, is included in a default install. Me...I am finding that simple is better, and besides, nothing is much more than an apt-get install away (YUM Install for all you RH derivative users).
Simple is in the eye of the beholder
As a self proclaimed average user. I agree, apt-get is a wonderful way to install software....Until....The software you want isn't in the repository. Although I have successfully installed software via the command line by putting together a package. It was in no way a straight forward procedure. Lots of cut n paste to the command line. That is how the average user does it. I want to give the RH distro's another try and a few other types. Just so I can get a feel for myself. Forums can only take you so far
UE maybe a lesson in frustration but so far that's been much of my experiences with linux. Its also been fun too

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Originally Posted by MidnightCowboy View Post
OK guys. We will be moving into our new place once the renovations are finished in about two months time. Although still on the edge of the forest this one has landlines outside (wow!) so no need to use my troublesome Claro USB connection any more.

Attachment 475, now that I'll be able to connect with any of them instead of just Ubuntu, which would you recommend for someone who likes Windows 7 and can't live without Windowblinds? I did give a copy of Ubuntu Ultimate to me tech a while back and he loves it, so much so he hasn't given it back. We couldn't configure a connection for me with it so I never got a chance to try it in full. Has anyone else got experience with this? Is it really worth the extra download or is it just a bloated version of Ubuntu?
MC, the ATTACH link gave me an error.

Could you please do a write up on your troublesome USB connection once your knee is back in order ?
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Originally Posted by vasa1 View Post
MC, the ATTACH link gave me an error.

Could you please do a write up on your troublesome USB connection once your knee is back in order ?
I'm currently forced to use a Sony Ericsson MD300 USB broadband modem. It configured fine with Ubuntu 9.04 but when 9.10 came along the Network Manager upgrade required the connection script to be re-written because of an incompatibility between the new kernel and my chipset. I hasten to add that I'm not knowledgeable in this area myself so this is what I was fed by my tech. This issue was all over the forums here though where this connection method using Claro ISP is widely used. He did get it "sort of" working but it was far from stable and so no use. Most of the folks I new returned to 9.04 but ultimately I decided to wait until I had a landline connection which will remove the problem completely and allow me to connect using other distros.
I appreciate that some here have managed to get Mandriva, Suse and Fedora working (Ubuntu must have 95% of the Linux market here and is even shipped as the installed OS by some providers), but as everything is in Portuguese (which I don't speak) and they want to charge an arm and both legs to "try", I gave alternative ideas up
Buy a Hoover and prove technology sucks.
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